queridas amigas turcas

Miércoles, 9 julio 2008 en 11:02 | Publicado en espíritus, lo personal es político | 1 comentario

After Women’s worlds and today’s bomb in Istanbul, I watched the film (unconscious hasards) Auf der anderen Seite, by Fatih Akin…

imagen de la pel�cula

imagen de la película

As Germans say, “I had to” remember this mixture of you the exiliated Turkish people in our dear Hamburg, the red district and how distinctive was Burcu’s accent in English, the same as the one of the character Gul/Ayten. I find this director has strong female characters always (and I like it) but i always remember as well you, Berna and Burcu, so strong in your beliefs and your passion, much more than the European girls… The film as I expected (self fullfilled prophecy) moved me a lot, touched me… I want so madly to speak to you three my Turkish friends, to visit your wonderful country and to taste your chai 🙂 I wonder wether you are ok or not, happy or not, I wonder wether we had still things to share. I wonder and at the same tiem i am certain, sure, that we will enjoy a Turkish evening some day, hopefully soon. Take care, girls


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