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Jasmin Aber


Re: vienna

Datum: Wed, 06. Jul 2005 06:01:51 -0700

Hello …. and thank you for your reply.

I was part of the City project and we were the only group that was staying in Kassel and not in Hanover because of the the architecture school being there. 

I am going to be in Vienna from 12Th July to 18Th attending AESOP conference. We are introducing our research project ” Shrinking Cities” done @ UC Berkeley, at a round table.

 AESOP conference, do you know of it?

I will call you when I am there and hope that we can organize something.

Also I have a question that maybe you can help me with:

I am booked in a hotel “3 Kronen” from 12Th to 18Th and it is not cheap to stay in Vienna and Euro is strong! Can you recommend a cheaper way to stay in Vienna? A family with a spare room to rent, not far from the city, university accommodation, do you have a spare space yourself not far from where AESOP is? Don’t worry if you have no idea but if you do I would appreciate any advice you can offer. The AESOP conference website just in case you were interested:

warmest regards



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