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He leído esto en una página sobre poliamoría (“The practice of carrying on simultaneous relationships with more than one partner. Polyamory is not cheating, and it doesn’t (necessarily) mean group sex, or casual promiscuous sex, or even any sex at all…”). Parece algo místico pero dice grandes verdades sobre las relaciones, el concepto de amor monógamo en la sociedad occidental y la amistad.

Recognizing Essence Connections
This is the easy part. Imagine that you had one day to live and could in that day meet any 7 or 8 people from your past or present, excluding your blood family. These are the people who have touched you in a way that has made a difference in your life. They are so important that if your life was ending, this is who you would want to see. This is what it means to be touched in an essence place
the touch changes you permanently. Looking again at the list, who are the ones you feel absolutely sure you are connected to in some way that defies naming. You get something about them and they you. A connection and feeling there are no words for. Perhaps this person feels like a sister or brother. Some will be lovers, others will be comrades. Even if you haven’t seen them for years, there is no question of the connection. The relationship that transcends time. This is an essence connection”.

Conciso y bonito. Algunas personas serán examantes; otras, colegas; otras; amigas, otras, almas gemelas. O todo a la vez. Bonito, ¿no? En vez de sentido y sensibilidad, sexo y esencia.


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